All services in one rental package,

Everyone carefree the (cycling) road!

What is bike leasing

With bicycle leasing, companies or individuals, from employers to schools, daily cyclists to sports cyclists, can rent their bikes for a longer period, and with a range of services, for a monthly fee.

Cyclis team offers its customers a tailor-made leasing package , with two key elements: the quality bicycle and our service model. Our quality bikes takes care of carefree cycling. Both for the daily cyclist who uses the bike for her/his commuter traffic, as for the sport biker, as mountainbiker or racing cyclist who aims at mainly sports (top) performance. Or the combination of both ... Within service model includes the bicycle's maintenance and repair, a 24/7 road service, assistance in tax questions or grant applications and an easy administration.


Maintenance, repairs, etc are inevitable costs. These costs are often unexpected but always inconvenient. Within our leasing package you don't need to worry about these problems. 

We provide a maintenance voucher worth 100 EUR during each year of the lease term. A annual maintenance or chains and brake pads, all of this can be paid with these vouchers and within the leasing package. 

For businesses, we provide a online tool that will allow to schedule an appointment with the dealer or to consult her/his maintenance balance. Easy and straight forward!


A bicycle insurance turns bicycle use into a carefree experience.

A Team Cyclis bicycle is automatically insured against damage and theft. This is obvious: theft and damage can have unpleasant (financial) consequences.

By using a rental formula, you lose a small amount each month over the long term, but what if your bike is stolen or damaged beyond repair? Then you would rather not continue the lease payments without the bike. Therefore, in case of a theft new bike available. Who wants to continue paying for something that can not be used anymore?

The result is carefree cycling fun for both employer and employee!

24/7 road assistance

A flat tire, broken shifting system, etc ... It will happen to you at the worst possible moments.

Within our philosophy of carefree bicycle leasing, this is not a pleasant idea. Hence, we include in our package 24/7 road assistance offer. In this way you or your employees can hit the road with peace of mind.

The 24/7 assistance works through a partnership with VAB, this assistance service is part of the rental agreement and brings the biker home quickly and safely. At the same time, the local bike shop will repair the bike. And If there is the a co-rider is involved, she/he can, of course join the transport. No leaving behind!

National service

We deliver all over Belgium, because our partnership with the local bike dealer. They are the ‘TEAM’ in Team Cyclis. In this way, all operational problems are dealt with, and we, together with hundreds of local bike shops, can provide a carefree bike experience. 

With Team Cyclis, you enjoy an all-in service.

We assist companies as well with their questions about tax or Social Security when assigning bicycles as benefit or wage alternative. We give free advice to HR managers and CEOs. This ensures that your employees and your business can hit the road with peace of mind!